How I made this website


My first goal is readability. I want this website to be pleasant to read on all devices. I also want it to be quick to load – many websites are bloated bandwidth monsters.

Content should be king, not ads nor back-end JS frameworks.

Not a Blog

This is not yet-another-blog. It is a journal, or portfolio, of things I have done, built, or learned. As such, it has no comments section.

Eliminating the comments section removes a lot of headache associated with managing comments, but I do welcome your feedback! Feel free to email me at with any comments, questions, or corrections.

Use the Back Button

Site navigation is a bit of an experiment. I have omitted any breadcrumbs, “Home” links, and other traditional navigation tools in support using the browser’s own back button. The expectation is that users will click the back button when they want to go back to the previous page.

This does present a challenge for users landing directly on a sub-page from external links, as their back button will not take them the website’s homepage. For now, users can edit the location bar, though that is difficult on tablet & mobile browsers.

Style Guide

Start every section with a newthought. All words in a section header are capitalized like a title.

Sub-section headers have normal sentence capitalization, and do not start with a newthought.

The article title is the largest text (h1). Section headers are next in size (h2), and sub-sections are smallest (h3). Do not use any headers smaller than h3.

Use epigraph or newthought but not both.

Images always have a link to a full-sized version.

The page date refers to either when the project happened or when the page was last updated, as appropriate.

A complete style guide is at Tufte CSS.


The design uses Tufte CSS and Tufte Pandoc CSS.

All files are version-controlled in git, and backed-up to my GitHub repository.

Content is authored in markdown format and then converted to HTML documents using Pandoc, pandoc-sidenote, and Pandocomatic.

Videos use the VideoJS video player, and are optimized for web using Handbrake.

Everything is written with the Neovim text editor.

I wrote extensively about how the website is edited, built, and published in the Markdown Websites project.