Measure it, display it!


A Rust library & application for the Adafruit Bi-Color (Red/Green) 24-Bar Bargraph w/I2C Backpack Kit.

Available on Github and crates.io as led-bargraph.

led-bargraph was developed as a learning exercise for the Rust Programming Language, and to add a visual “load” indicator to an ARM-based buildfarm that I assembled using a number of NVidia TX1 development boards.

The TX1 Build Farm.

Here, the LED bargraphs represent the current # of build tasks, you can see them laid horizontally across the top of each board as a series of green lights, or in the bottom board it is all redYeah, there’s a bug in my cron script that calculates the current # of build tasks :/

A cron is run locally on each development board and updates the LED bargraph via the led-bargraph application.